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We begrijpen dat uw uiterlijke schoonheid
verbetert je innerlijke schoonheid en vice versa.


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Botulinum Toxin

Botulinetoxine A is een gezuiverd eiwit dat in minimale hoeveelheden wordt geïnjecteerd in de spieren van je gezicht om ze te ontspannen of om het ontwikkelen van fronsrimpels te voorkomen. Er zijn verschillende producten op de markt. De werking is hetzelfde, alleen de mate van zuiverheid verschilt. Essential Aesthetics werkt met Dysport, Bocouture en Azzalure.



De term ‘fillers’ zegt eigenlijk alles; een filler vult tijdelijk (verloren) volume. Zo kun je plooien en rimpels opvullen met fillers, via filler-injecties. Een filler is een gel op basis van hyaluronzuur. Deze stof verbetert de hydratatie en kwaliteit van de huid. Naarmate u ouder wordt, verliest uw huid volume, waardoor u er moe of ouder uit kunt zien. U krijgt bijvoorbeeld diepere rimpels, een ingeklapte neusplooi of ingevallen jukbeenderen en wangen. Als je in de spiegel kijkt, heb je natuurlijk liever een jeugdiger uiterlijk. Heeft u wat hulp nodig of bent u niet helemaal tevreden met uw gezichtsvormen en contouren, vraag dan onze specialisten om een ​​vrijblijvend adviesgesprek.


Skin boosters

Discover the secret of long-lasting skin hydration. Too much sun, stress, unhealthy nutrition, environmental pollution; all these factors affect your skin. Your skin is then less able to retain the moisture so necessary for smooth, supple and radiant skin. If you suffer from dry skin, dull skin, or unhealthy skin, then you’ve come to the right place!



Breast augmentation, for example with silicone breast implants, are our specialty at Essential Aesthetics. If you are considering breast augmentation or want to know more about breast implants, then read on!



A breast lift is a common procedure in cosmetic surgery. During the surgery, the breast is made to look younger and feel firmer. The surgery is called mastopexy and is performed on women whose breasts have started to hang. This is often the result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, old age and/or simply gravity! Pregnancy and an expansion of the breasts during breastfeeding causes the fibrous bonds that support the breasts tobreak off and stretch the skin.



Whether you are experiencing back problems, feeling uncomfortable with your breasts, or simply think your breasts don’t fit your physique, whatever your reason for wishing abreast reduction, Essential Aesthetics is there to help you. Breast reduction can be perfect solution if you are looking to have smaller or firmer breasts. There are different methods for breast reduction, one of which is also removing fat (liposuction) [add link]. Our surgeon will discuss the possibilities with you during a no-obligation consultation, so that the best result is achieved with as few scars as possible.



At Essential Aesthetics, we specialise in liposuction, fat aspiration, and dermolipectomy, fat cutting. In addition to liposuction, there is now LipoSculpting, an even more sophisticated liposuction technique. If you are considering liposuction, read on!
Sometimes, try as we do (when we manage to find energy and time), physical training does not bring the result we had hoped for. Liposuction can then be an option. Please note however that liposuction is not a means of losing weight, but it can help you get rid of local excess fat, such as abdominal fat.


Bilvergroting met vet (BBL)

We specialize, at Essential Aesthetics, among other things, in buttock augmentation, such as the Brazilian butt lift or buttock augmentation with implants. Are you considering a buttock augmentation? Then read on! Jennifer Lopez, Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner and Amber Rose, are all celebrities with much admired big buttocks. Whether these ladies have had a little help or not, full buttocks are beautiful. The demand for buttock augmentation is also growing in the Netherlands. Would you like rounder or fuller buttocks? This is now also possible in the Netherlands, in all safety and with long lasting results.


Bilvergroting met implantaten

Many people find this an exciting procedure. But although breast augmentation with implants is quite normal nowadays, many people look oddly upon buttock implants. This is also linked to a fear of “bad” implants and the associated risks. There are now however very safe implants on the market that have been specially developed for the buttocks, with no risk of leakage. The implants feel natural and last a lifetime (provided there are no complaints). Essential Aesthetics works together with a highly reliable manufacturer of high-quality implants.



Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). Many men and women wish for a tighter or flatter stomach because indeed the belly is a problem zone. We start off in life with a flatter belly, but the older we get, the more effort it takes to keep it flat. Wearing a bikini starts to be an issue. Skin ageing, weight loss, but also pregnancies can cause the stomach skin to start hanging, no matter how many ab exercises you do. Sometimes unfortunately surgery is the only way to get rid of that flabby belly. A tummy tuck can be the solution to remove the loose skin.


Eyelid correction

A tired look, droopy eyelids, bags under the eyes: an eyelid correction will enable you to dramatically freshen your look. If your tired appearance is due to droopy eyelids, wrinkles or bags under the eyes, an eyelid correction will help you look younger and fresher again. Genetic predisposition, lack of sleep or aging; are all possible causes for sagging skin around your eyes. You can change this with an eyelid correction.



Turn back time with a facelift. At Essential Aesthetics we specialise in carrying out facelifts, such as the S-lift (mini-facelift), a MACS lift or an extended facelift. If you are considering a facelift or would like to know what a facelift involves, read on!
No matter how well you take care of yourself and your face, you cannot prevent your skin from losing its youthful elasticity over time. And although we can’t stop time, we can help you to slow down the effects of time on your skin and sometimes even reverse them for a few years.



Our nose is pretty significant in determining how happy we are with our face. A crooked, oversized or upturned nose can disturb the balance in our face. Are you dissatisfied with your nose and do you want a straighter, smaller nose? Or are you you just not happy with your nose and don’t know exactly what is possible? At Essential Aesthetics our doctors are happy to help you. A nose correction is called rhinoplasty or nasal plastic. There are many surgical corrections possible: a correction of the bony or cartilaginous nasal skeleton, of the nose tip or nostrils. Did you know that it is also possible to get a straighter nose by using fillers?



No matter how well you take care of yourself and your skin, there comes a time when your skin loses its youthful elasticity. Unfortunately, this includes sagging skin. Sagging skin in the neck is one of the aging processes that we are happy to help you get rid of. Although we can’t stop time, we can certainly help you slow down the effects of time on your skin and sometimes even reverse them for a few years. If you suffer from too much loose skin in your neck (‘turkey neck’) we have good news for you. It can easily be remedied with a neck lift, also known as a Z-plastic.


Thread lifting

In the course of time, the shape and appearance of the face changes. This is due to age related changes in skin firmness and elasticity in combination with gravity and loss of fat. The APTOS thread lift is a new technological invention which offers a solution to the characteristics of aging without having to recur to operating.



Essential Aesthetics, as one of the few clinics in The Hague, is proud to present a way to combat skin aging painlessly and without surgery: Ultherapy®!
Tighter jaw lines, smoother skin, fewer lines and wrinkles. Yes, this is possible for the face, chin, neck and cleavage without surgery, thanks to this unique treatment.
Ultherapy® works with sound waves and uses the same technology as ultrasound. Ultherapy® delivers micro-focused ultrasound energy in exactly the right layers of the skin, without damaging the skin’s surface and surrounding skin structures. The tissue is heated by the sound waves and reacts by initiating the wound healing process. This process promotes the production of new collagen and elastin and lifts and gradually tightens the skin in a natural way.


Micro naald

Essential Aesthetics has many treatments to offer that will make your skin glow again. Micro needling with the Dermapen is one of the newest techniques in the field of micro needling.
Treatment with the Dermapen is an effective way to renew and beautify the skin in depth without damaging the upper skin layer (epidermis). The Dermapen has many advantages over the MTS roller or the Dermaroller:
The skin needs less recovery time;
The treatment is more comfortable and accurate.



Do you not dare take selfies because of your double chin? Are you tired of seeing that double chin in the mirror and on pictures over and over again? Essential Aesthetics helps you get rid of your double chin without surgery! The name of this technique: Kybella, also known as Belkyra.