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Fittergy food supplements:

prevention is better than cure We all know it: real beauty comes from within. Yet in our busy life are difficult to get all the essential nutrients. Let alone that we know exactly which supplements contribute to more beautiful skin, nails and hair. Essential Aesthetics and the renowned food supplement brand Fittergy have the hands together to put together a special selection of supplements aimed at the Improve your skin, hair and nails. Did you know that scientific study has Have you shown that taking collagen improves the condition of older skin? Targeted dietary supplements support a healthy lifestyle. Together With our expert you can find out which supplements you need for a beneficial effect on Your skin, healthier nails and hair.

So you want too:
A skin with a better condition
Fewer skin problems
Better hydrated skin
Improving skin elasticity
A healthy glow of skin
Nicer nails and hair

Strengthen your beauty from within and make an appointment. Together with our expertly look at which supplements best suit your lifestyle, body and skin.


You can also choose to combine the best of the scientific world and to opt for DNA testing in Essential Aesthetics. Our doctor will help you with the results. interpret and can advise you to preventively use food supplements for overall better health. A healthier
Life is now available for you too!

Please note: food supplements do not replace meals, but are an addition to a A healthy and balanced diet.

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