Fat grafting, volume recovery with your own body fat!

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“Did you know that studies show that fat grafting can also help improve the thickness and quality of radiation-damaged tissue and skin?”

Fat grafting, volume recovery with your own body fat!

You usually see the consequences of aging first in your face. You lose some of your natural freshness. Your face changes slowly, develops lines and wrinkles and loses its sleek shapes. In general, you start to lose fat cells in your face around the age of 35. A moment when you might think about fillers. Although fillers nowadays mainly consist of body substances, is Fatgrafting the way in which you can restore the loss of volume with nothing but natural substances.

Your own fat in your face: How?

The implementation is complex, but in the right hands it is a safe procedure. Complete information about Fatgrafting can be found on our website. The principle is simple: in short, it means that we move fat cells from one part of the body to another. An expert team harvests, filters, purifies and gently injects the clean fat back into your face. The breasts and hips can also be “filled” with your own body fat. You can compare it with “sculpting”, the result depends not only on the doctor’s knowledge of the course of the aging process, but even more on his eye for beauty.

The benefits of Fatgrafting?

A treatment with 3 years result costs € 2400, –
Stimulates natural skin improvement
Immediately visible result after the treatment,
no longer return every 6 months for a filler
3 years permanent visible result,
Filler with your own body substances
A 2-hour treatment, under local anesthetic

Read more about Fatgrafting or discover what your options are and make an appointment for a no-obligation consultation.

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