You should know this: Trends in anti-aging – meet our expert, Dr. Anielkumar Sewnaik!

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You should know this: Trends in anti-aging – meet our expert, Dr. Anielkumar Sewnaik!

Knowledge is power. And the basis for a long and healthy life. As a clinic in anti-aging, we are happy to share our knowledge with the Essential Aesthetics family. Our expert in anti-aging Dr. Aniel.

Essential Aesthetics is a cosmetic surgery and anti-aging clinic. But what exactly is anti-aging?

Anti-aging in a nutshell. From about 25 years old, the body starts to age. Around the age of 35 the effects of aging become visible and around the age of 40 you start to notice this not only in your appearance, but also in your health. Anti-aging literally means stopping the aging process. This is (still) impossible, which is why anti-aging means slowing down the aging process. In order to slow down this process as much as possible, it is important to understand the consequences of aging and how this process works. There are factors that accelerate the aging process and fortunately the other way around. A healthy lifestyle is an important factor in slowing down the aging process. Out of his interest in treating cancer, Dr. Aniel automatically ends up in the anti-aging domain. A healthy body also logically means less risk of cancer. Dr. Aniel has done a lot of research into effective ways to slow down the aging process, an additional advantage is that a healthier body automatically means a healthier, more beautiful and radiant appearance.

Can we age without looking older with today’s technology?

We can certainly age without looking older. The technology is of lesser importance. We ourselves are the most important factor. All kinds of factors such as smoking, excessive alcohol, bad sleep, bad food, sun exposure cause our skin to look worse and older. Proper care of the skin is also very important.

What can we expect in the coming years in trends in anti-aging?

Anti aging will play an increasingly important role in the Netherlands in the coming years. At the moment, anti aging is mainly about having treatments and the use of products. It will be more extensive treatment in which attention will be paid to all kinds of factors (healthier lifestyle, prevention, DNA testing).

What tips can you give our readers to combat the effects of aging?

The most important thing is to have a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the care of the skin is very important. And you can’t start early enough.

Dr. Anielkumar Sewnaik is one of the experienced doctors working for Essential Aesthetics. An ENT specialist with years of experience in treating head and neck cancer and very interested in anti-aging and general health.

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