21 June 2018 - Zwanetta from 'Temptation Island' has got new breasts but they immediately cause a stir

Zwanetta Fox Meijer was one of the temptresses from 'Temptation Island' this season. 21-year-old Zwaantje, as she likes to call herself, was still topless in the program with Mezdi.

If she did that again, it would be with a pair of new breasts. Zwanetta had a breast augmentation performed, which she was offered by the Essential Aesthetics Clinic in The Hague, where her operation was performed free of charge in exchange for the necessary Instagram promotion.

"You can do this too"
Zwanetta has spoken encouragingly to her many followers who also dream of aesthetic surgery: "When it comes to needles and surgeries, I'm the biggest pussy. But if I can handle this, so can other girls".

"Below all levels."
It says in TV Family, "You're inciting teenagers to cosmetic surgery, Zwanetta. And that's beneath all scrutiny. Nice example are you!" It said.

"I'm an inspiration"
Zwanetta clearly thought differently. "I'm not an example, I'm an inspiration," she says. "Do what makes you happy. Do what makes you happy with bigger titties?" Anyway, Zwanetta's very happy with her breast augmentation. "I feel very good, but still a little stiff."


Source: https://www.redactie24.be/news/12488/zwanetta-uit-temptation-island-heeft-nieuwe-borsten-gekregen-maar-die-veroorzaken-meteen-opschudding

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