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Meet the inventor of the Biconvex buttock implants and discover why we are the best in buttock enlargement!

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Essential Aesthetics is constantly looking for the best and most innovative techniques. This starts with the person performing the procedure; the doctor. We are therefore proud to announce a new long-term collaboration with the renowned French surgeon and experienced expert, Prof. Dr. Phillipe Levan, who has been the expert in buttock augmentation for more than 20 years.

Your body is one of your most precious possessions. You only have one and it needs to last a lifetime. A well-considered choice is vital, especially when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Why not go for the best result with the most experienced doctor, a master of the latest techniques. Your body is more than worth this investment. As a clinic, we know better than anyone what the impact of a successful procedure can be. We are happy to help you in your search for what is best for you, by working together with the best international doctors.

We are therefore proud to announce our long-term cooperation with the French experienced expert Prof. Dr. Phillipe Levan.

Prof. Dr. Levan is a leading French surgeon with more than 30 years of academic experience in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Read more about Dr. Levan] Although he performs all his surgeries with the greatest of care and skill, he is particularly known as an expert in buttock augmentation. A procedure he has successfully performed for more than 20 years. With this new partnership, Essential Aesthetics raises the level of our buttock augmentation with implants treatment to a higher academic level. Our patients get the best method with the safest implants and the best end result with the least risk. But as a clinic we go one step further.

The Essential Aesthetics Academy: by doctors, for you

One of the main ambitions of Essential Aesthetics is to increase innovation in the field of cosmetic surgery. We do this by working together with international experts. But innovation goes further when knowledge is shared. As a clinic we make this possible by giving our experienced international doctors the opportunity to train others. The Essential Aesthetics Academy for Body Contouring was established to create a platform of high academic quality where experienced doctors share knowledge with each other. The final result? Our patients can now also go to the Netherlands for the most innovative techniques. This enables us to help them even better in realizing their long cherished wishes, in a safe way.

In July we will be organizing the first Essential Aesthetics Academy Buttock Augmentation Masterclasses, led by Dr. Levan who has already trained many doctors. During these Masterclasses, Dr. Levan trains other experienced physicians and shares his knowledge. The doctors are personally trained during one-on-one sessions and are given the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice under the strict supervision of Dr. Levan.

Biconvex implant, innovation in buttock implants

One of Dr. Levan’s ambitions is to always work with the latest techniques and best of products. During his buttock augmentation surgeries, Dr. Levan noticed that although the implants used for buttock augmentation are safe and durable, improvements could still be made. He did not stop there. In collaboration with Sebbin laboratories, Dr. Levan designed a new implant specifically for buttock augmentation: the ‘biconvex buttock prosthesis’.
During a buttock augmentation, the implant is placed between the buttock muscles, a part of the body that is used a lot. Therefore, although small, there is a chance that the implant may rotate. It is also important in this procedure that the implant is flexible and regains its shape easily. The more flexible the implant, the smaller the incision and the final scar.

Thanks to Dr. Levan, Sebbin’s laboratories can now offer a third form in addition to the anatomical and round implants: the biconvex implant for buttock augmentation. This makes them the only manufacturer able to offer three 3 gluteal shapes.  The biconvex buttock implant meets all standard safety and quality requirements. In addition, the biconvex implant has the following characteristics:

  • The gel in the implants has excellent shape memory due to its high cohesiveness and viscoelasticity.

  • The implants are inserted in a 5 cm incision and regain their original shape immediately after insertion due to the viscoelastic gel no matter how much the implant is kneaded or deformed during insertion.

  • The biconvex shape, just like the round shape, has a high projection, but is also symmetrical, so that any displacements in the buttocks are not visible.

During a no-obligation consultation you can ask any questions you may have and the doctor will look at the possibilities that best suit your body. Would you like another appointment after this or do you need more information? That is possible, as it is all about your body. Give yourself the best and make an appointment. Essential Aesthetics has already helped many patients on their journey to a more beautiful body and is proud of a satisfaction score of no less than 96%. [Read the reviews here] Now it’s your turn! Because you are essential to us.

Because you are Essential to us!