Excellence Loyalty Program

We are very happy to reward returning patients with discounts and promotions. Our Excellence Loyalty Card holders are strong women of all ages, who work and invest in themselves, and understand that mental willpower is linked to our outer appearance. Such women understand that inner and outer balance and harmony makes us stronger. They accept guidance to age as elegantly as possible and like to share tips and tricks. Women who understand that they are entitled to change the body, provided that this is done in a well-considered and thoughtful way with respect for our natural beauty.

If you recognize yourself in this description and would like to benefit from our Excellence Loyalty Program, become a Loyal VIP now.

Our "Excellence Loyalty Program" offers the following advantages:

  • You will automatically be added to the list for our newsletter in which we mention promotions and discounts.
  • Several times a year we organise special events for our 'Loyal VIPs
    Always take advantage of 20% discount on our private label fillers.
  • Use our special price for Kissable Lips for €200,- euro instead of €320,-.
  • Our 'Loyal VIP's' have special prices for botox treatments:
    • 1 zone € 89 instead of € 110.
    • 2 zones €180, instead of € 200,-
    • 3 zones € 269 instead of € 279.

Our points system

The points are valid for one year from the date your points are credited. After one year, these points expire automatically and you start saving again.

With every 100 Euro you spend on injectables you will receive 10 points.

100 points equals 75,- Euro and can be used for our injectable treatments.

We would like to welcome you to our Essential Aesthetics family!

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