Brindusa Gritu

Visionary & Owner

A brand for Empowering women in Aging Gracefully

Ambition, intelligence and the continuous desire to be the best. A combination of these three things has encouraged Brindusa Gritu, lawyer and owner of Essential Aesthetics, to build a Dutch clinic with international allure in plastic surgery and anti aging.

Brindusa is a strong believer in the power of women. Her motto is that‘’ supportive women build stronger women’’. And she is ready to fight every single day for this special vision.

By welcoming women to the clinic she built and by giving them the gift of gratitude for their own bodies , she is expressing her care for others. She believes in enhancing your glow from the inside, from where it all begins: the DNA to the natural beauty reflected on the outside.
Her goal: a natural glow and healthy appearance by improving your natural beauty from within.

She knows well and understands the fear some women might have in trusting someone with their body. That’s why she believes in offering only the best for her patients. When choosing for her team, she carefully chooses for the ones that really care and have genuine respect for them. This always leads to the best results and experience. Any patient’s concern is treated sensibly and seriously, no matter if the patient wants a consultation only or is preparing for a complex surgery.

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