Face slimming / Bichectomy

Defining your cheekbones and creating contour by slimming the face

At Essential Aesthetics, we specialize in facial surgery with over 20 years of experience. Face slimming is a combination of bichectomy (buccal fat removal), liposuction of the double chin and muscle relaxant treatment for the jaws. These procedures can be performed separately or combined for optimal results.

Face slimming is a popular treatment with a high satisfaction rate. The treatment helps define and contour the cheeks, the double chin and jaws, slimming and shaping your entire face.

Bichectomy (buccal fat removal)
This procedure involves removing the fat pads in the cheeks, for more definition and tighter contours on the face.

Liposuction under the chin
To give more definition to the jawline, localized fat can be removed under local anaesthetic. This makes your jawline look slimmer and more defined.

Muscle relaxing treatment for the jaws
For a narrowing effect of the jaws on both sides, our doctor can inject a muscle relaxant. This temporarily relaxes the jaw muscles, making the jawline narrower.

What happens during a Bichectomy?

The Bichectomy surgery is performed under local anesthetics in our clinic in The Hague.

During the surgery, your designated surgeon will make an incision on the inside of your mouth, near the cheeks and the fat bags. He will then apply pressure on the fat bags from the outside of the cheek, to push the fat out through the incision. Once the fat is removed, your surgeon will complete the surgery by stitching up the incisions.

The procedure takes approximately 1 hour, followed by another period of time of us supervising your condition. You will be dismissed from the clinic the same day.

The result of a Bichectomy

The result of a Bichectomy is a slimmer face without any visible scars. Your cheekbones will be more defined as the fat removal creates a contour in the lower third of your face.

The end result will be long lasting as the fat pad is removed. However, we do recommend our patient to adjust to a healthy lifestyle after the surgery in order to maintain an optimal lasting result.

In addition to create a perfect slimmed face, you can combine this surgery with a filler treatment plan to create the perfect jawline to compliment the results of the contoured cheekbones of the Bichectomy.

Bichectomy in combination with liposuction of the chin and muscle relaxant

The Bichectomy can be combined with liposuction of the double chin. This is the ultimate long-lasting face slimming treatment. It not only contours the cheekbones, but it contours your jawline as well. Your surgeon can perform these two procedures together so you can benefit from the same recovery period and a package policy of our clinic.

This treatment is ideal for candidates that cannot seem to get rid of stubborn fat under the chin and of the cheeks.

The result of this treatment is more drastic than the Bisechtomy by itself but in a natural and long-lasting way. It will create a “V-shape” and a slim face.

Recovering from a Bichectomy

After the procedure, your face will feel swollen immediately. You can apply cold pressure on the treated area to cool it down for the coming 2 days.

Because the incisions are made inside of the mouth, it can take up to two weeks for the wounds to close because of the moist. Our medical team will provide you with antibiotic treatments and oral care products to prevent any type of infection and discomfort.

The final results are seen after a couple of weeks.

Safety through precautionary measures

Like every other surgery, there are a number of things to bear in mind:

  • To prepare you for your upcoming surgery, you may receive guidelines on your lifestyle (eating, drinking and any addictions)
  • You will be given antibiotics. If you are allergic to certain medications, please let us know in advance.
  • We advise you to arrange a family member or a friend to monitor you for the first 24 hours at home.
  • You might want to adjust your diet into a liquid diet for the first few days after the surgery.
  • You are not allowed to do any heavy lifting or exercising for at least 4 weeks.

Risks and complications of a Bichectomy

As with many other surgeries, there are risks with Bichectomy. Though very rare, possible complications include:

  • Bleeding (haematoma). There is sometimes bleeding after surgery from the tissue around the wound. Should this happen, your face may feel swollen and painful. It may be necessary to drain it by performing an additional procedure and this will require you to go back to the hospital or clinic.
  • Infection. It is important to recognize that a surgical incision implies the risk of infection through the bacteria from the patient’s own skin. This potential infection can be accompanied by fatigue, weakness, fever and muscle pain. Antibiotics during your surgery will reduce this risk to a minimum. It is rare that a patient has to be re-hospitalized. If you experience any symptoms of infection, contact your medical advisor or ring the outside office hours number is necessary..
  • Wound healing. How the wound heals varies from one person to the other and even from one body part to the other and is a gradual process. Smoking in the period before and after the surgery can seriously impede the healing process.


  • Bichectomy surgery € 1.850,-
  • Face slimming package (Bichectomy + liposuction of the chin) € 3.050,-

Use the free (and obligation-free) consultation, to ask any questions you may have. The doctor will examine, together with you, the possibilities that best suit your body. Should you want another appointment after this one or need more information, we would be delighted to oblige. This is your body we are talking about; you deserve the best so make that appointment. Essential Aesthetics is proud to have already helped so many patients on their journey to a more beautiful body and is honoured with a satisfaction score of no less than 96%. [