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Liposuction and lipofilling explained

What is body sculpting?

In body sculpting, liposuction and lipofilling are used to improve body contours.

Liposuction is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgery procedures worldwide. Liposuction involves the removal of fat cells between the skin and the underlying muscles. So you can embellish your body contours and finally get rid of those unwanted fat deposits. Think for example of the abdomen, hips and thighs. The fat that is removed can be reused with Lipofilling.

Lipofilling makes more beautiful contours possible in a different way. The fat cells harvested with liposuction are processed and then injected somewhere else. This allows you, for example, to enlarge your breasts or buttocks. Because they are fat cells, a part will dissolve in the first period. But most of the cells that don’t disappear give a permanent beautiful result.