Are you considering breast augmentation?


At Essential Aesthetics we specialise, among other things, in carrying out breast enlargements with breast implants. We like to give you a good picture of a beautiful and natural breast augmentation and what this involves. The quality of the implants is very important for breast augmentation. That is why the implants used in our clinic are safe and meet all medical requirements. 

How should you know about breast augmentation?

We would like to give you a good picture of breast augmentation and what this involves. First of all, the quality of the implants is very important for breast augmentation. That is why the implants we use are safe. For example, they do not taste good and they will last a lifetime. In addition, the manufacturer gives a lifetime guarantee on the breast implants. So they do not need to be replaced after 10 years.

Once you have decided that you want breast augmentation, you and our doctor will select the implants that best suit your needs. There are several types of implants, which can shape your breasts in different ways. You can also choose to combine your breast augmentation with a breast lift or a nipple correction.

How does the intervention work?

Your breast augmentation is going to take place, but how is it going to work? Breast augmentation takes place under general anaesthesia and takes an average of 1.5 hours. This depends on the placement method.

There are 3 different ways to insert the implants into the breast:
- Through the breast fold
- Through the armpit
- Through the areola

The breast fold procedure has the advantage that the surgeon can place larger implants. In addition, the risk of complications is relatively small and because the scar is hidden in the inframammary fold, it is almost invisible after a year.

If you and your doctor decide to perform surgery through the armpit, the great advantage is that you will not have any scars on or under the breast. However, there is a greater chance that the implants may shift.

Inserting the implants through the areola is particularly suitable for placing smaller implants. This is because a narrow incision is made, making the scar small and inconspicuous. In addition, this procedure is often combined with a small breast lift.

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You are in good hands


The first step towards nicer buttocks is a no-obligation consultation with our plastic surgeon. The surgeon listens to your wishes and expectations, and looks at the possibilities together with you.

The surgeons respect your natural beauty. In order to determine how the procedure works, the surgeon looks carefully at your body and together we determine the treatment plan that best suits your goals!

You are in good hands with us!


  • You are central in our clinic. Feel nice and beautiful again
  • We use only the best and latest treatment methods
  • Europa’s meest toonaangevende chirurgen

Brindusa Gritu

Director Brindusa's motto is: "good is not enough for us. Excellence is my standard". Her mission is to embrace people in their inner strength. Because you are Essential to us!

Dr. Aniel Sewnaik

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sewnaik is a BIG-registered physician with years of experience in reconstructive surgery to the head and neck.

Dr. Gabriel Jansen

Plastisch chirurg Dr Gabriel Jansen helpt zijn patiënten al 16 jaar bij het waarmaken van hun droomlichaam. Jouw natuurlijke schoonheid is zijn leidraad.

Luca Piombino

Italian plastic surgeon Dr Piombino is a highly qualified Italian surgeon. With his international experience, he has already helped hundreds of patients achieve their goals.

The Essential Aesthetics guarantees

  • Excellence is our benchmark
  • We see people, not numbers
  • Recognised ISO quality mark
  • Certified, experienced surgeons
  • Member of the NVPC (Dutch Association for Plastic Surgery)

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The reception was very friendly, I immediately felt at ease. After the first consultation, I was immediately convinced that I would let it be done here. Even after the opening hours I could contact the Care Team with questions. The after-care afterwards made the whole experience pleasant for me. You don't get this service at every clinic!

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