Together we are strong!

Fear of the Corona virus prevails in this period. Annoying; but apart from necessary measures and uncertainty, it has also brought with it something good: awareness for a healthier life. After all, many now rightly wonder what we can do ourselves to strengthen our immune system and stay healthier, even if we become ill.

Essential Aesthetics is an expert in the field of preventive care from within. We are happy to share this knowledge. Because it is more important now than ever. To help. To prevent. To relieve you of your anxiety and to take some of your fear away.

Our clinic takes extra measures for your health and goes one step further. We are happy to share important information with our relations so that you can work on better health yourself. Together we are stronger!

An overview of the preventive measures taken by Essential Aesthetics
In these challenging and uncertain times, we like to keep our clients informed about the measures taken by Essential Aesthetics. The health of all our clients, our patients, our customers and our employees has the highest priority. This means that we are continuously informed and strictly follow the guidelines set by RIVM and the authorities:

• Employees who can work from home also do so.
• Employees with (minor) complaints stay at home.
• Employees who work do not shake hands, keep a distance of 1.5 metres and provide extra hygiene by regularly washing hands and disinfecting the telephone and keyboard.

Despite the many challenges, we try to continue the treatments in our clinic in a responsible but more limited way. To do this without reducing the quality or safety offered by our clinic, we have taken the following additional measures

  1. We offer the possibility of free online consultations remotely, from home.
    2. The employees in our clinic follow strict extra procedures when it comes to hygiene in our clinic. This includes disinfecting all equipment with professional means such as Nocospray, which kills 99.9% of all harmful micro-organisms and makes viruses inactive
    3. We work with a special interval schedule for those who do visit our clinic, with extra space to leave the clinic for the next visitor, so there is no contact with other clients.
    4. Prior to your visit to our clinic we will send you a questionnaire with which we can screen whether it is safe for you to visit our clinic. If necessary, the appointment can be postponed to a later date free of charge.
    5. Every visitor to the clinic will be asked to disinfect their hands upon entry and will receive extra protection such as shoe covers and a protective overcoat.
    6. We will take care of measuring your temperature when you visit our clinic.
    7. Despite an increase in costs due to the Corona virus for high quality materials (injectables and fillers), our rates remain unchanged for the time being.



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