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Preventive DNA testing

The healthy-aging experts at Essential Aesthetics closely follow the latest trends in science

DNA research: discover, improve, live healthier

The healthy-aging experts at Essential Aesthetics closely follow the latest trends in science. One of these is preventive DNA testing. Many people still find this quite scary, mostly because they do not know much about it and it can be difficult to interpret the results correctly. Essential Aesthetics is here to help you with this. Our specialist guides you from the DNA test onwards, helping you to understand the results and guides you in making the best healthier choices for you.

We believe preventive health care has a major impact on the well-being of our patients, which led us to work with one of the experts in DNA research to offer the best in this field to our patients. You can finally take matters into your own hands and use the results of DNA research to gain insight into your health and adapt your lifestyle accordingly.

DNA research makes it possible to influence your health in a new way. Find out what your genomes tell you about your eating patterns, metabolism and more. Use this personal information to live healthier lives!

Become more aware of the choices you make and how you can influence your current and future health: make an appointment for DNA testing guided by an experienced doctor.

'Whole sequencing' makes all the difference

Essential Aesthetics works with the only labarotorium that analyses 100% of your DNA, Other DNA tests provide only limited information based on a fraction of your DNA. But what exactly does whole sequencing mean? It all has to do with coverage. With a Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) test we analyse 100% of the human DNA. Hence the 100% coverage. You can compare it with the number of megapixels on your camera. The more megapixels, the sharper the image. DNA testing works the same way: the higher the coverage, the better the quality of the information. Coverage’ in DNA research refers to the number of times your genome is sequenced. In the lab we collaborate with at Essential Aesthetics the process is repeated at least 30 times. The result? Better insights, and more specific information!

DNA research, nutrition and fitness

Your genome tells us a lot about the way your body reacts to nutrition and exercise. This will help you find out what is the best nutrition for your body and which supplements you can use to strengthen your weak spots. You can also discover which is the best workout for your body. Which activities and sports contribute to better sports performance. How your body reacts to workouts. Do you have a higher risk of injury, how strong is your body? Your genome can tell you all of that and you can use these insights to be and feel a much better you!

Expert advice and guidance at Essential Aesthetics

When you make an appointment for DNA testing at Essential Aesthetics, your DNA will be taken by one of our experienced healthy-aging doctors. He will explain the DNA test, which information you can expect and which not. The material will then be sent to the laboratory. You will be called for an appointment as soon as the results have been received and our doctor has reviewed the results. During this second appointment the doctor will discuss the results with you and answer all your questions.
We advise you to then make an appointment with our lifestyle coach to see how you can best use the information you received to consciously change your lifestyle, in a sustainable manner, to live a healthier life. After three months there will be a follow-up interview to see how things are going.

Essential Aesthetics works with the best labs

When selecting the lab with which we work at Essential Aesthetics, we also looked at excellence and high quality. We work together with the world leader and pioneer in ‘Whole Genome Sequencing testing’, in more than 97 countries. For us, DNA testing is the start of a more conscious and healthier life. Discover. Improve. Live long and healthier lives.


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