Dr. Aniel Kumar Sewnaik

Essential Aesthetics is selective in its choice of specialists.
In addition to the expertise and experience, one of the qualities we look for is 'a heart for people'.

Meet Dr. Aniel Kumar Sewnaik

His modest appearance and friendliness are already a foretaste of what you can expect. He is completely focused on your wishes and needs and is happy to help you realize your dreams. Your natural beauty is his guide.

Dr. Sewnaik is a BIG-registered physician with years of experience in reconstructive surgery of the head and neck and can therefore make good use of his proven techniques in cosmetic adjustments. He has gained his experience in the best hospitals and clinics in the Netherlands. In addition to his work as head manager ENT doctor at the Erasmus hospital, Dr. Sewnaik is fascinated by health in general. This has led to an interest in health from the inside, which also reduces the effects of ageing. He likes to combine his acquired expertise and experiences to deliver the best at Essential Aesthetics and help women combat the effects of ageing.

More about Dr. Aniel Kumar

Dr. Swenaik is there for all your healthy-aging treatments and for surgeries aimed at improving the neck and face:
“I have chosen to work with Essential Aesthetics as it is important to me that a clinic focuses on quality and the well-being of its patients. Attention for the person sitting in front of you is in my opinion one of the most important factors to achieving a good result. I also like to keep developing myself so that I can put my gained knowledge at the service of the health of my patients.”

Dr Sewnaik is a respected member of the following organisations:

  • The national association for ENT doctors
  • Oncological consultations Erasmus MC Cancer institute
  • National ENT platform

Dr. Sewnaik specializes mainly in anti-ageing and regularly attends conferences aimed at sharing the latest anti-ageing developments.