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Essential Aesthetics becomes a knowledge center for surgeons

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THE HAGUE – APRIL 30, 2020

Essential Aesthetics clinic in The Hague and the renowned inventor of the Biconvex implants are joining forces. This summer the first EA Academy Masterclasses for butt augmentation will start.

Medical standards
In the city known worldwide as the City of Peace and Justice, the current International Court of Justice, the Essential Aesthetics clinic in The Hague sets the bar high when it comes to medical standards. The clinic created the first body contouring hub, mastering the skills of amazing butt augmentation techniques. Now they also offer masters courses to doctors around the world.

Strenge supervisie
Tijdens deze masterclass leren internationale artsen alle ins en outs van bilvergrotingen van de Franse ervaringsdeskundige prof.dr. Phillipe Levan. Omdat Brindusa Gritu van Essential Aesthetics continue op zoek is naar de beste en meest innovatieve technieken, gaat de kliniek een lange termijn samenwerking aan met de chirurg. Met meer dan 17 jaar ervaring mag hij zichzelf dé expert in bilvergrotingen noemen. De artsen krijgen individueel les en brengen het geleerde in praktijk brengen onder zijn strenge supervisie. De EA Academy for Body Contouring gebruikt de anonieme gegevens van alle zorgvuldige gemonitorde patiënten voor wetenschappelijk onderzoek en academische publicaties.

Strict supervision
During this masterclass, international doctors learn all the ins and outs of butt augmentation from the French experience expert Prof.dr. Phillipe Levan. Because Brindusa Gritu of Essential Aesthetics is continuously looking for the best and most innovative techniques, the clinic is entering into a long-term collaboration with the surgeon. With more than 17 years of experience, he can call himself the expert in butt augmentation. The doctors are taught individually and put what they have learned into practice under his strict supervision. The EA Academy for Body Contouring uses the anonymous data of all carefully monitored patients for scientific research and academic publications.

Fast wound healing
With a buttock augmentation, the implant is placed between the buttocks muscles, a part of the body that is often used. This means there is a small chance that the implant will rotate. With a buttock augmentation it is also important that the implant is flexible and easily regains its shape after placement. The more flexible the implant, the smaller the incision and the final scar. Extra attention was paid to this during the design. During the procedure, the surgeon also uses the Kennel Funnel method. This method provides less trauma to the muscle tissue because the implant can be placed more easily. As a result, the patient has less pain and the patient heals faster. With this new collaboration, Essential Aesthetics takes buttock augmentation with implants to a higher academic level. Patients receive the best method with the safest implants and the best end result with the fewest risks. Gritu sees that butt enlargements are extremely popular. “The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that a butt augmentation is performed every 30 minutes every day,” said the clinic’s owner. “We want to be the best and give the best to Dutch patients. We now have a master of the trade on board, “she continues.

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