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Tighten your face without a face lift

Bodytite - Essential Aesthetics

The FaceTite gives the effect of a facelift without scarring or surgery.
FaceTite tightens the sagging skin around the eyes, cheeks, mouth and cheeks and rejuvenates the overall appearance of the face.

A FaceTite treatment tightens the skin using innovative radiofrequency energy waves, heating multiple layers of tissue beneath the skin and outer skin. This melts the fat and tightens the skin.

Why choose for Essential Aesthetics?

Safety & quality mark
Your safety is crucial to us. Essential Aesthetics is therefore proud to have ISO-9001 and NEN-8009 quality mark. This means that we meet international requirements for quality, safety and care. In addition, this certification emphasises the importance of the wishes of our patients and of our commitment to continuous improvement.

Your trust is the heart of our clinic
The standard of Essential Aesthetics is that the most precious asset that you place in our hands is treated with respect and dedication. Our team understands that surgery is a big step that has not only a physical, but also an emotional impact. We therefore do our utmost to support you in this as well as possible.

Excellence is our norm
The combination of international surgeons and the sharing of knowledge and experience enables us to deliver a high level of aesthetic surgery. The team of Essential Aesthetics always strives for the highest achievable and shows this through great involvement and striving for excellent results. Our surgeons have a heart for people and for everyone’s personal and natural beauty.

Unlimited pre- and post care
Essential Aesthetics is known for excellent before and after care. During the consultations we take the time to listen carefully to your questions and wishes. Our personal attention and warm approach makes you feel at home. Even after the procedure, our medical team will offer you the necessary care.

How does the FaceTite work?

FaceTite firms the skin and melts the fat using innovative radiofrequency energy waves. The tissue layers under the skin and the outer skin are heated to a predetermined, desired temperature. The dermis, the deeper part of the skin, is full of collagen and once it reaches the set temperature, the existing collagen fibers are tightened and contracted. This immediately improves the tightness and contour of the skin.

Which areas does the FaceTite treat?

The most common treatment zones are:

nasal labial fold
marionet lines
wrinkles of the upper lip

Multiple zones can be treated in one treatment.

How many treatments do I need?

Often only 1 treatment with the FaceTite is needed to achieve the desired result.

Recovery after FaceTite

The treated area may be sensitive for the first week. Occasionally there may be some bruising after FaceTite treatment, but this usually disappears within the first 1-2 weeks.

It is recommended to wear a headband for the first 48 hours after the FaceTite procedure. After that, it is recommended that you continue to wear the headband in the evening and while sleeping.

Results after FaceTite

The results are immediately visible. The best results are visible after 2-4 weeks. Then the swelling will disappear and over the next 12 months you will see the full effects of the FaceTite increase as new collagen is generated.

With a healthy lifestyle, the results of the FaceTite can last for many years, if not decades.

Risks & complications

Swelling can occur after the treatment, partly due to the local anaesthetic fluid that was injected as well as the treatment itself. The swelling can be experienced the first 5-7 days after the FaceTite treatment.

It is also common to feel temporary numbness in the treated areas. This is short-term response to the heating of the nerves in the skin during the procedure. On rare occasions, this numbness can take a number of months to disappear completely although most patients are not affected by it.

Experts advise to refrain from this treatment if you have one of the following conditions:

  • Pacemaker or internal defibrillator
  • Superficial metal or other implants in the treatment area, including breast implants.
  • Current or history of skin cancer, or current condition of any other type of cancer, or pre-malignant moles.
  • Severe concurrent conditions, such as cardiac disorders.
  • Pregnancy and nursing.
  • Impaired immune system due to immunosuppressive diseases
  • Any active condition in the treatment area, such as sores, psoriasis, eczema, and rash.
  • History of skin disorders, keloids, abnormal wound healing, as well as very dry and fragile skin.
  • History of bleeding coagulopathies, or use of anticoagulants except for low-dose aspirin.
  • Isotretinoin (Accutane) within last 6 months.

Prices FaceTite

FaceTite                       Price
1 zone €3500

About us

Aangenaam verrast door de zorg die ik kreeg bij Essential Aesthetics. Topdokters en personeel zijn erg aardig en zorgzaam! deze clinic zeker aanbevelen!

Recommended by 96% of our clients
Excellent care & support
8.8 score on Kliniek ervaringen
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Essential Aesthetics is a special clinic with ISO 9001 and NEN 8009 certification, in a beautiful monumental building in The Hague. We are specialized in plastic surgery, injectables, weight loss and anti-ageing treatments.
From our vision, Essential Aesthetics offers you as much guidance as possible in all disciplines necessary for a healthy lifestyle.
Our clinic was born from the passion of one woman. The passion for beauty and a deep sense of gratitude for all that our bodies give us has led to the life’s work of the owner and founder: a clinic that encourages women to become more confident, stronger and more enjoy the gift of a beautiful and healthy body. And that is what Essential Aesthetics does with a passionate team of Dutch, international doctors and experts by experience. Essential Aesthetics is a brand made by women, for women. It’s a lot to do entrust your body to someone else. We understand that and therefore only offer you the best and the safety of our certified clinic.
You can come to our clinic for fillers, muscle relaxant treatments, but also for plastic surgery: breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, facelifts, liposuction and more.

Meet our specialists

Our ISO 9001 and NEN 8009 certified clinic only works with experienced qualified specialists with passion for the profession, who care and have an eye for your needs and wishes as our patient, with respect for your natural beauty. Our business is built around fulfilling your wishes! We bring in the commitment to details, to the highest quality and safety requirements, to ensure the best result. Thanks to our international doctors active in the field and up to date with the latest trends and techniques, we can help you to get the best result possible. Our specialists are looking forward to working with you to see how we can make your dream come true. The Essential Aesthetics care team is there for you before, during and after the journey. From the intake to the aftercare. With us you are in capable, safe hands because you are essential to us.

Dr. Aniel Sewnaik

Medical director & Face surgeon

Dr. Sewnaik is a BIG-registered physician with years of experience in reconstructive surgery to the head and neck.
injectables en facelift operaties.

Alexandra Gomes

Medical consultant & Nutrition specialist

Alexandra has over 20 years of experience in the field of health care and (inner) beauty. She assists the doctor during the consultation, but is mainly there as your point of contact. Personal attention combined with knowledge of the many treatments and procedures that our clinic can offer, ensures the right advice and ultimately the treatment that suits you best.

FaceTite Den Haag

FaceTite Den Haag vindt plaats onder lokale verdoving in ons prachtige pand in Den Haag. Eventuele controles na de FaceTite vinden ook plaats in de kliniek in Den Haag. FaceTite Den Haag doe je bij Essential Aesthetics.


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