This mini facelift is more extensive than the S-lift, but still less invasive than a full Facelift, resulting in a shorter recovery period and smaller scars. Our surgeon uses the SMAS method for this lift, which reduces the tension on the skin and results in smaller scars. 
The advantages of a MACS lift:

  • It is an innovative technique that can only be performed by experienced plastic surgeons.
  • Can make you look up to 10 years younger
  • The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia
  • The procedure takes about 2 hours
  • Short recovery period (1-2 weeks)
  • After the procedure a relaxed lifestyle can be continued
  • If the bandage is not an objection, you can work again in 2-3 days
  • Virtually invisible scars thanks to the SMAS lift technique


Special Macs lift from € 3.750,-

* Surcharge general anaesthetic € 1.500,-

Book a free personal consultation with one of our care team specialists via 070 220 2222. The first medical consultation will be used to see what your wishes are, how realistic they are, what results are possible and what the cost of the operation is.

The second consultation with your chosen surgeon is for a fee (€ 50). This fee is deducted from the invoice costs for operations. Even if you do not book a treatment with us afterwards, you will receive an extensive and medically sound consultation. After this consultation you already have a lot of information, a valuable basis for any subsequent steps.

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