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Not satisfied with your fillers? Hyalase® can be used to dissolve the filler.


There is always a risk of you not liking the results. Perhaps you feel like a filler treatment might have been unsuitable for your face or turned out wrong. Should you not like the end result, the filler can be dissolved by using Hyalase®. It can then be corrected again as desired with the appropriate filler treatment.

What is Hyalase®?

Hyalase® is a filler that contains hyaluronidase, which is a solution that is used to break down the hyaluronic acid in the filler substance. Hyaluronidase is used in both the medical and cosmetic fields. It starts to work immediately after being injected in the desired area. The end result may take up to two weeks. Depending on the treated area, several Hyalase® treatments might be needed, as in some cases the Hyalase® cannot dissolve the entire filler in the area at once.

Can I undergo another filler treatment afterwards?

Twee weken na de Hyalase® behandeling, is het weer mogelijk om een fillerbehandeling te nemen. Ons injectables team luistert zorgvuldig naar je wensen en zal de juiste behandeling adviseren.


Dissolving filler with Hyalase®:

  • First treatment € 250, –
  • Follow up treatment € 100, –


Why choose Essential Aesthetics

Pleasantly surprised by the care I received at Essential Aesthetics. Top doctors and staff are very kind and caring!  definitely recommend this clinic!


Essential Aesthetics is a special clinic with ISO-9001 and NEN-8009 certification, in a beautiful monumental building in The Hague. We are specialised in plastic surgery, injectables, weight loss and anti-ageing treatments. From our vision, Essential Aesthetics offers you as much guidance as possible in all disciplines necessary for a healthy lifestyle.
Our clinic was born from the passion of one woman. The passion for beauty and a deep sense of gratitude for all that our body gives us has led to the life work of the owner and founder: a clinic that encourages women to become more self-confident and empowered and to enjoy more of the gift of a beautiful and healthy body. And that’s what Essential Aesthetics does with a passionate team of Dutch, international doctors and experience experts. Essential Aesthetics is a brand made by women, for women. It’s a lot to trust your body to someone else. We understand that and therefore offer you only the best and safety from our clinic.
You can come to our clinic for fillers, muscle relaxants treatments but also for plastic surgery: breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, face lifts, liposuction and more. What makes our clinic unique is that we will also be offering you professional DNA research, nutritional advice, connective tissue massage and sports guidance.

Meet our specialists

Our ISO-9001 and NEN-8009 certified clinic only works with experienced qualified specialists with passion for the profession, who care and have an eye for your needs and wishes as our patient, with respect for your natural beauty. Our business is built around fulfilling your wishes! We bring in the commitment to details, to the highest quality and safety requirements, to ensure the best result. Thanks to our international doctors active in the field and up to date with the latest trends and techniques, we can help you to get the best result possible. Our specialists are looking forward to working with you to see how we can make your dream come true. The Essential Aesthetics care team is there for you before, during and after the journey. From the intake to the aftercare. With us you are in capable, safe hands because you are essential to us.

Dr. Aniel Sewnaik

Injectable Specialist & Face Surgeon

Dr. Sewnaik is a BIG-registered physician with years of experience in reconstructive surgery to the head and neck. What is unique about Dr. Sewnaik, is that he combines his surgical skills and medical knowledge of the anatomy of the face to perform refined injectable treatments

Alexandra Gomes

Medical Consultant & Nutrition Specialist

Alexandra has over 20 years of experience in the field of health care and (inner) beauty. She assists the doctor during the consultation, but is mainly there as your point of contact. Personal attention combined with knowledge of the many treatments and procedures that our clinic can offer, ensures the right advice and ultimately the treatment that suits you best.

Dissolve fillers The Hague

Dissolving fillers takes place in our beautiful building in The Hague. Any check-ups after fillers dissolve also take place in the clinic in The Hague. You can dissolve fillers in The Hague at Essential Aesthetics.


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