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Liposculpting beautiful body contours, natural and lasting

By March 26 2020July 12th, 2021No Comments

Liposculpting: more beautiful body contours. Natural and permanent

Your buttocks that, despite exercising and a healthy lifestyle, do not want to become firm and round … Your waist that is suddenly invisible after the menopause … And your stomach, which is no longer as tight as you are used to after a number of pregnancies.

Your body has brought you to where you are now. You can be grateful for that. And how wonderful is it if you give something back to your body as you get older, to keep it in good condition for the rest of your life?

Liposculpting can contribute to this.

What is liposculpting?

Lipo means fat. Sculpting means shaping, modeling. With liposculpting, we model very precisely the body shape you want by removing fat in exactly the right places. In this way we literally mold your desired body part millimeter by millimeter into the desired shape. Liposculpting is therefore the Michelangelo of plastic surgery.

The most refined techniques from Beverly Hills and South America – countries that are at the forefront of innovation and experience in this field – are now available in the Netherlands at Essential Aesthetics. And if the possibilities are there to give your body the shape you want, with proven lasting and natural results: why not use it?

What is the difference between liposculpting and liposuction?

Liposuction is cheaper, and also provides local fat reduction, but gives less predictable results. We recommend liposculpting for women who have a very detailed picture of the desired end result. It gives a more refined result that can be predicted better in advance than with liposuction.

The result

With liposculpting your body has not suddenly changed beyond recognition. Your body still feels familiar. So totally you. Only in the right places will you finally lose those extra centimeters, and you will feel a lot firmer – and therefore better – in your skin. Your environment will therefore not say: “You have changed so much beyond recognition”, but: “You look so good. Have you been to the gym? ”

Natural and permanent results are what liposculpting gives you. But that is actually not that much about for our clients, we notice in our aftercare processes. It mainly gives them a lasting boost inside. They are radiant in photos again. Fits back into precious garments. Lying on the beach in a bikini is once again a matter of course, rather than an exception.

Give yourself a gift that you deserve with liposculpting. You will enjoy it for years and years.