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More beautiful breasts with no visible scars safe implants

By March 26 2020July 12th, 2021No Comments

More beautiful breasts with almost no visible scars and secure implants that last a lifetime

There are also developments and safe choices on the front of breast corrections. Bigger or smaller, nowadays it can be done in a natural way with a minimum of scars. If you choose for implants, that is also completely safe. Did you know that our implants come with a lifetime warranty? And that, thanks to new placement and suturing techniques, the scars are almost invisible?

Of course, a change like that doesn’t take a night. It’s about your body and there’s nothing more precious than that.

“Our advice: read you well, see online reviews and results on for example and be well informed by experienced doctors about the possibilities. Already work towards the operation by possibly living healthier lives. The healthier your body, the smaller the risks!”

At Essential Aesthetics we work with experienced doctors who listen to your wishes and have an eye for your beauty! A breast correction with implants is already possible from €4000,- Within our clinics we strive to deliver the best quality and excel is our standard. We therefore offer the latest techniques in breast augmentation and breast lifts with minimal scarring of 2.5 cm.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities at our clinic with the latest techniques and implants? Please visit our pages on breast augmentation, breast reduction and other breast changes.
Of course you can also schedule a personal consultation right away. Your wishes are central. Who knows, maybe this will be the summer in which you can finally shine with confidence!

“After reading some reviews online and visiting several clinics I felt most comfortable at Essential Aesthetics. … The conversation with the doctor went beyond expectation… I planned another operation that day…. The first time I was naked in front of the mirror I cried enormously. Tears of joy! Also then I was embraced by the friendly staff of essential aesthetics. I recommend this clinic to others and everyone around me. Why do you recommend it? I felt important and was not treated like a number. I know that if I have questions in the future, I can always come here. “Dear essential care team THANK YOU!!!” – Mrs. Verklein
Want to know more about her experience? Then read her whole review!