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Our team

Our specialists are looking forward
to working with you to see how
we can make your dream come true.

A journey under professional guidance
to your most radiant self

Deciding on cosmetic treatment is not something done on a whim. It is a journey. First you think about your destination, where you want to be, then you see if it is financially possible. After extensive research you choose who can best guide you on your trip and start the preparations. What are you taking with you, how long are you going, who are you going with and what are you going to do there? Essential Aesthetics is happy to help you choose your destination. Removing fat, altering body lines, tightening skin or giving your skin a boost, at we can do it all. Our clinic goes further than that; we are happy to give you tips and advice to keep those ‘happy vacation vibes’ alive for longer!

At least as important as your journey to harmony between body and mind, are your companions. There are more aspects that influence this harmony, such as our DNA and our lifestyle. As one of the first clinics in the Netherlands, we also focus on preventive care. A healthier life creates a more radiant appearance and a delay in the visible signs of aging.

Brindusa Gritu
Visionary & Owner

Empowering women in Aging Gracefully Ambition, intelligence and the continuous desire to be the best are what have driven power woman Brindusa Gritu, lawyer and owner of Essential Aesthetics, to build a Dutch clinic with international allure in cosmetic surgery and healthy-ageing.

Brindusa is convinced of the inner strength of women. We just need to be reminded of it. Her motto is that ‘women need each other to grow in self-confidence and power’. Every day she works to fulfil her mission by guiding women to become more confident and powerful. The personal growth she feels honoured to witness in the satisfied patients leaving her clinic, are for her each time as magical. The gratitude and the greater appreciation these women feel for their bodies are what motivates her to keep giving her best. She refuses ‘good enough’. Her standards are high; excellence is her norm.


Meet our specialists

Our ISO 9001 and NEN 8009 certified clinic only works with experienced qualified specialists with passion for the profession, who care and have an eye for your needs and wishes as our patient, with respect for your natural beauty. Our business is built around fulfilling your wishes! We bring in the commitment to details, to the highest quality and safety requirements, to ensure the best result. Thanks to our international doctors active in the field and up to date with the latest trends and techniques, we can help you to get the best result possible. Our specialists are looking forward to working with you to see how we can make your dream come true. The Essential Aesthetics care team is there for you before, during and after the journey. From the intake to the aftercare. With us you are in capable, safe hands because you are essential to us.

Dr. Gabriel Jansen

Senior Dutch plastic surgeon

Cosmetic surgery requires a personal,
tailor-made approach, something that
Dr. Gabriel Jansen is always aware of.

Dr. Aniel Sewnaik

Medical director & Face surgeon

Dr. Sewnaik is a BIG-registered surgeon with years of experience in surgery to the face and neck. What is unique about Dr. Sewnaik, is that he combines his surgical skills and medical knowledge of the anatomy of the face to perform refined injectable treatments. In addition, Dr. Sewnaik is also experienced in performing liposuction with Body/FaceTite and other skin tightening procedures.

Lulu Xu

Skin specialist

Lulu is a skilled and very passionate skin therapist. Combining the dynamic and ever-evolving methods of both the western and the Asian beauty industry.

Dr. Luca Piombino

Italian plastic surgeon

Luca Piombino is our Italian trained and registered expert in plastic surgery. He has worked all over the world, including in Beverly Hills and South America. This enabled him to become proficient in the most innovative techniques in the field of breast augmentation (with minimal scarring technique), liposuction and liposculpting.

Professor Philippe Levan

Renowned French plastic surgeon

Working in the field for over 25 years, Levan has developed a refined eye for aesthetic surgeries. Dr. Levan is also head of the Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department of the Paris-Saint Joseph Hospital Group. His signature surgeries are rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, facelifts, blepharoplasty, liposuction, abdominoplasty and buttock surgery. He knows how delicate the human body is and how optimal care for each patient and precision work are prerequisites for the best result. Professor Levan is internationally recognized as the inventor of biconvex implants.


Alexandra Gomes

Medical consultant & Orthomolecular Specialist

Alexandra has over 20 years of experience in the field of health care and (inner) beauty. She assists the doctor during the consultation, but is mainly there as your point of contact. Personal attention combined with knowledge of the many treatments and procedures that our clinic can offer, ensures the right advice and ultimately the treatment that suits you best.