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Privacy statement

EA Klinieken B.V. only uses patient data

for the purpose for which it is stored. EA Klinieken B.V. does not share patient data with third parties, unless this is necessary for the purpose of storage. EA Klinieken B.V. does not keep patient data longer than necessary based on the storage purpose of the data. EA Klinieken B.V. will use all possible means and measures to keep patient data safe from unauthorized inspection. EA Klinieken B.V. will ask patients’ permission for saving personal data if no treatment contract has been concluded. EA Klinieken B.V. informs patients about their rights with respect to their personal data. EA Klinieken B.V. informs its patients about the purpose of the processing of personal data. EA Klinieken B.V. shall inform patients in case it will perform special activities with the personal data.


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Whether you want to look more vibrant, turn back the clock a bit or want to invest in your dream figure, the caring team of Essential Aesthetics will be happy to help you on your way. Our team truly listens to your wishes and advises you on the options, with also respect for your natural beauty. Make an appointment for an introduction, we would be delighted to meet you. Would you like to know more? Take a look at the reviews and read about experiences with our clinic. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin..