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In these times, take extra care of yourself to stay strong!

By 18 maart 2020juli 2nd, 2021Geen reacties

In these times take extra care of yourself to stay strong

With all the regulations set by the Dutch government, we understand very well that there is a lot of unrest. The temporary closure of the gyms and the personal coaching practices ensure that you are more responsible for your health than ever before.

In the last few days we have been getting a lot of questions from customers wondering how best to take care of themselves in this day and age. We are happy to help you stay motivated and make good, healthy choices with the right information:

Why our metabolism is important

The basis of a healthy body with a healthy immune system is related to a healthy metabolism. Metabolism is a difficult concept for many people. You can compare it to an orchestra playing a symphony: if one of the musicians hits a false note, it disrupts the entire symphony. You can imagine that if several musicians cheat continuously, the whole piece is completely out of balance. In our body we speak with a false note of a “disturbance of our balance” and if everyone plays false notes we speak of “disease”. When you are sick you go to a doctor. But what do you do with a “disturbance of our balance”?

Everyone understands that a healthy diet, exercise and adequate rest have a positive effect on our health and that excessive alcohol consumption, stress or poor nutrition disrupt the metabolism and thus our health. In the long term, the latter even leads to typical Western lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The immune system (our body’s own defense system) is also less vital under these circumstances, making us less resistant to pathogens, infections and viruses such as the COVID-19 virus.

What you can do yourself according to the experts

You can largely take control by paying attention to your diet, by exercising more and by avoiding or reducing stressful situations. But we understand very well that in our busy life there is not always the time or rest for that. Fortunately, we can give our immune system a boost by taking extra nutritional supplements. In this way we replenish the nutrients that are missing or that we do not get enough of and “our orchestra” plays beautiful symphonies again! If you become ill, because we unfortunately always run that risk, you still have the advantage that you will also get better faster. And as a bonus you can also see the result in the mirror because your skin improves!

Which supplements should I use?

Always be careful when using supplements. You always use this as a supplement and never as a replacement. Look closely at the ingredients and quantities. If you are unsure which supplements are right for you, talk to your dietitian or doctor. We know from experience that nutrients such as Resveratrol, vitamin C and vitamin D3 have a proven positive effect on your immune system, even if you already have a healthy lifestyle!

Prevention is better than cure!

You could say that vitamins and minerals are the musicians of the orchestra – they help your immune system function optimally. So take the next step and be more aware of your health by using nutritional supplements. Our team mainly uses Fittergy’s nutritional supplements. Do you want advice about your diet and what you can do against premature aging? Keep an eye on our info mailing; The no-obligation consultations with our dietician will start soon.