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A smoother and fuller face with Injectables

Injectables’ is the collective name for all substances introduced into the skin with the use of very thin needles. The most popular injectables are the ‘fillers’ and ‘botulinum toxin’, popularly known as botox. These two are often used as a combination for a tighter, more youthful face. Fear of needles is no longer necessary, our clinic uses techniques in which you feel virtually no pain.

High Quality Injectables

At Essential Aesthetics we work with several high quality brands of injectables. The difference lies in the amount of active substances in the body. All our injectables are not permanent and completely safe. The treatments are done by our talented, experienced cosmetic doctors. They listen to your wishes and tell you what the possibilities are, while respecting your natural beauty and providing that rested look. A one-time treatment is very well possible. Whatever you choose; for less wrinkles, a smoother face or tighter facial lines you should be at Essential Aesthetics.

As painless as possible

Are you afraid of the pain of needles? You’re not the only one! At Essential Aesthetics we take this into account and use anaesthetic cream as standard to minimize the pain. Our doctors work with the latest techniques including the invisible needle. These needles are so fine that you barely feel them.


“Pleasant atmosphere” 5

I noticed that I was starting to get wrinkles so I wanted to do a botox treatment. Because I am afraid of needles and pain, I didn’t dare to enter a clinic just like that. I heard a lot of positive things about Essential Aesthetics from girlfriends and decided to make an appointment. On the phone I got a dear employee who immediately reassured me.

On the day of the appointment I was impressed by the clinic. What a beautiful clinic and what a pleasant atmosphere! I felt welcome from start to finish. During the treatment Dr. Sarras explained everything she did so I wasn’t so scared. I’m very pleased with the result, it’s exactly what I wanted. This clinic has a regular client!


“Great, caring team” 5

A caring team, definitely worth to be recommend. I’m an Essential Aesthetics client for several years now. In the beginning I was afraid that fillers would change my expression and that I would lose my natural look. I was totally wrong and I feel so relieved now. When I look back, I understand what a great investment I made in taking care of my aging process and in keeping my fresh look. The staff is very communicative and welcoming. The atmosphere is relaxed and the doctors give me very personalized advice, which makes me feel listened to. They are really taking in consideration that I’m looking for a very natural result.


“Doctors who really listen to what you want” 5

It was certainly not the first time I visited a clinic for injectables. Several times I had less experience with other clinics. At Essential Aesthetics I finally got the right attention which made me leave with a pleasant feeling.


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