Brindusa Gritu

Essential Aesthetics is selective in its choice of specialists. In addition to
the expertise and experience, one of the qualities we look for is ' a heart for people'.

Brindusa Gritu

Visionary & Owner

Empowering women in Aging Gracefully. Ambition, intelligence and the continuous desire to be the best are what have driven power woman Brindusa Gritu, lawyer and owner of Essential Aesthetics, to build a Dutch clinic with international allure in cosmetic surgery and healthy-aging.

Brindusa is convinced of the inner strength of women. We just need to be reminded of it. Her motto is that ‘women need each other to grow in self-confidence and power’. Every day anew she works with heart and soul to fulfill her mission by guiding women to become more confident and powerful. The personal growth she feels honoured to witness in the satisfied patients leaving her clinic, are for her each time as magical. The gratitude and the greater appreciation these women feel for their bodies are what motivates her to keep giving her best. She refuses ‘Good enough’. Her standards are high; excellence is her norm.

Brindusa expresses her care for others by personally being there for her patients and welcoming them to het clinic when she can. Her greatest wish is giving them the precious gift ‘of feeling happy with their bodies’ She believes in preventive care and in improving our appearance from within, where it all starts: with DNA, lifestyle and nutrition. She helps you the greatest of pleasure to make the necessary improvements. The final result? A natural glow and a healthy beautiful look from the inside out.

Brindusa understands from own experience the fear felt by some women of trusting their bodies to someone else, which is why she believes in offering her patients only the best. When choosing her team, she carefully selects people who really care about people and have sincere respect for the body. This always leads to the best results and experiences. Every patient’s concerns are taken seriously and are always taken into account, regardless of whether the patient just wants a consultation or is preparing for a complex operation.