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Essential Aesthetics aims to be the number one in aesthetic surgery and
healthy-aging treatments, a beacon of excellence at all levels.


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Essential Aesthetics is a leading, independent clinic located in a beautiful monumental building in The Hague. The clinic is born out of a passion for quality, care and beauty with one motto: the best investment you can make, is one in yourself. Essential Aesthetics offers a wide range of cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments / interventions in a luxurious, relaxing environment. Working with the best products and top-notch international doctors guarantees high quality and up to date knowledge of the latest state of the art treatment methods. The clinic prides itself on its personal touch, you are essential to us, our mission is to look for the best way to enhance and accentuate your natural beauty.

Mission and policy
Essential Aesthetics aims to be the number one in aesthetic surgery and healthy-aging treatments, a beacon of excellence at all levels. Our team of doctors, assistants and quality manager, works day in and day out to provide the very best quality and service; not only today, but also for tomorrow’s needs. We do this by being entirely present for our clients and genuinely caring. Listening to your needs, connecting with our patients, paying attention to the details and taking time to send that one message that the patient needs after surgery. The personal touch, hand in hand with raising our quality management to a higher level every day. Essential Aesthetics, in line with our commitment to excellence, works of course in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations that apply to our clinic and to the requirements of the Health Care and Youth Inspectorate (IGJ.

Employees and therapists
Knowledge and skills are essential at Essential Aesthetics. All our doctors and employees follow refresher courses in their field in order to comply with their specialist registration and to keep their knowledge and expertise up to date. In addition, the employees take an annual BHV course. I addition to the expertise and skills, we expect our employees to care and be fully dedicated to the wellbeing and results of our clients.

Results over 2019

Complication registration 2019
There are 0 complications registered with Essential Aesthetics in 2020.

Complaints 2019
Four complaints were reported in 2019. These were all complaints that were dealt with easily and within the clinic to the satisfaction of both parties. These did not lead to a settlement with the independent complaints officer DOKh.

Patient and client satisfaction
After treatment at EA Clinics, patients receive an automatic message inviting them to post a review on Clinical Experiences. In 2019, clients rated us an average of 8.9! In 2020, this method will also be used and expanded to include PREM questionnaires to measure client experiences even better.

Quality, policy and safety

Quality management system;
The quality system functions satisfactorily and is part of the primary process, the provision of patient care. Risks are discussed, points for improvement from incident reports and audits are tackled and evaluated in a structured way. The cycle of improvement is completed and monitored by management and quality teams.
Essential Aesthetics has been ISO 9001 certified since 2019. Certification means that an external, independent party determines whether the organisation’s quality management system meets all standard requirements. The certification is tested annually by means of an external audit. This audit will take place in August for 2020.

Internal audits
Internal audits are carried out annually to test the process internally and to ensure the quality of the clinic.
We carried out the following audits in 2019:

  • Working hygienically and medication policy
  • Appointment, first consultation and treatment

The following internal audits are planned for 2020

  • Aftercare process, general medical process, quality and P&O
  • Monthly hygienic round

External audits
A number of external audits are carried out each year. The following external audits will be carried out in 2020:
– Hygiene audit
– Pharmacist audit
– ISO 9001:2015 audit

Quality safety system
Good care is safe care. In addition to high quality, we also want to provide safe care. We use our safety management system (abbreviated to VMS), to monitor and control our processes around the safety of patients and employees. The core of VMS is risk identification and the analysis and prevention of incidents. The VMS is aimed at identifying risks to the to control the patient and prevent damage to the patient. In order to strive for continuous and lasting improvement, we work with an improvement cycle.

Safe Incident Reporting (SIR)
Safe Incident Reporting (VIM) is an important part of the Safety Management System. The Veilig Incident Melden (Safe Incident Reporting) is there to gain insight into the causes of undesirable events (risks) in the care and treatment process across the organisation and at the location level. Central to this is organisational or system problems. By analysing incidents and near misses, we gain insight into the risks, detect underlying causes and remove them by implementing improvement actions. In this way, patient care is made safer. Calamities, should there be one, are reported to the Health Care Inspectorate in accordance with our calamity procedure.

Law & regulations
The clinic complies with all relevant laws and regulations. The most important laws and regulations are listed below:

  • The Admission of Care Institutions Act (WTZi);
  • The Individual Healthcare Professions Act (Wet BIG);
  • The Medical Treatment Agreement Act (WGBO);
  • The Quality, Complaints and Disputes for Care Act (Wkkgz);
  • The Law on Medical Devices;
  • Medical Devices Decree (BMH);
  • Decree on sterilised medical devices in hospitals (BGMH);
  • Covenant on the Safe Application of Medical Technology in Specialist Medical Care (NFU, NVZ and Rehabilitation Netherlands);
  • the Guideline Responsibility of medical specialists for the maintenance and management of medical equipment (OM)
  • Circumstances (minor) surgical and invasive procedures (WIP);
  • Directive on particularly resistant micro-organisms (WIP);
  • Richtlijn Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (WIP);
  • Personal hygiene employee (WIP);
  • Relevant WIP guidelines (WIP)
  • Handbook on assigning responsibility for cooperation in healthcare (KNMG, V&VN, KNOV, KNGF, KNMP, NIP, NVZ, NFU, GGZ Nederland and NPCF);
  • Medicines Law;
  • Safety Management System (VMS);
  • Guideline VTGM (NVZA, V&VN and WIP);
  • National directive on the prevention of iatrogenic hepatitis B;
  • Working Conditions Law
  • Cosmetic care quality framework

Developments in 2020
At Essential Aesthetics, we believe in continuous development and improvement. We have a number of goals for 2020:

  • Opening of a shop with food supplements and skincare products in the clinic
    Essential Aesthetics wants to provide the total package and therefore pay more attention to nutritional supplements. In 2020, a shop will be created in the clinic, where clients can get explanations and advice about supplements and skincare products. Passers-by will also be able to walk into the shop without an appointment.
  • Moving to another building in The Hague
    Essential Aesthetics wants to move to another monumental building in The Hague. This building must be fully in line, in all respects, with the vision of Essential Aesthetics and provide enough space for the existing treatments and potential expansion.
    Further goal and our mission is to become a leading clinic in the field of aesthetic surgery and healthy-aging treatments for the expat market.


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Whether you want to look more vibrant, turn back the clock a bit or want to invest in your dream figure, the caring team of Essential Aesthetics will be happy to help you on your way. Our team truly listens to your wishes and advises you on the options, with also respect for your natural beauty. Make an appointment for an introduction, we would be delighted to meet you. Would you like to know more? Take a look at the reviews and read about experiences with our clinic. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin..