Lulu Xu

Essential Aesthetics is selective in its choice of specialists In addition to the expertise and
one of the qualities we look for is 'a heart for people'.

Meet Lulu Xu

Here at Essential Aesthetics, we like to offer a skincare journey for every individual. As new non-invasive treatments are introduced and the demand continues to build, the growth within the beauty industry is immense. That is why we are happy to announce the cooperation with Lulu, our aesthetic skin therapist. Lulu is a skilled and very passionate skin expert when it comes to making clients radiate the beauty, we all have within. She gained her expertise thanks to numerous prestigious training courses in Paris, Korea and even Japan.

Combining the dynamic and ever-evolving methods of both the western and the Asian beauty industry. In her treatments, Lulu is having a special approach. It is a blend of both theoretical and practical elements. When it comes to anti-ageing, skincare and deep tissue massages, Lulu will help you get closer to your desired outcome. A unique experience is what we like to offer!