Professor Levan

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In addition to the expertise and experience, one of the qualities we look for is 'a heart for people'.

Meet Professor Philippe Levan

Essential Aesthetics proudly presents its recent cooperation with French cosmetic surgeon Professor Philippe Levan! We are extremely proud to have Professor Levan join our team. He is a highly experienced and world-renowned specialist and presently serves as the Head of the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery of the Paris-Saint Joseph Hospital Group. In addition to his surgical practice, Professor Levan trains international plastic surgery talent in collaboration with the University of Paris Descartes. His love for his profession is also evident from the fact that he founded the Group for Advancement in Plastic Surgery (GAPS) and Wikiplastic, a unique online platform for sharing videos about plastic surgery. Professor Levan is a member of all relevant organizations in his field and has operated in multiple hospitals, including Chef de Clinique.

Not only is Professor Levan a leading plastic and cosmetic surgeon, he also avails of extensive experience in general surgery. Moreover, in the 1990s, he specialized in the treatment of bedsores and facial reconstruction of wounded soldiers and burns in children. His experiences in general hospitals and the military hospital added to his finesse and high levels of precision as a plastic surgeon as well as to his dedication to his patients. Due to his specific experiences, he is extremely aware of the delicacy of the human body and of the importance of optimal care for each patient as a prerequisite for the best result possible.

Professor Levan strives for perfection at all times: “I consider every single surgery as a new challenge to achieve the very best results for my patient. For me this means: the best possible aesthetic outcome and the most natural result possible; maximum fulfilment of the patient’s wishes and the shortest possible post-operative recovery time with the least pain. For me, it goes without saying that use the most recent and exclusively scientifically proven techniques. I am always open, honest and clear providing information to my patients, with plenty of room to ask questions. Management of expectations is crucial to prevent disappointment. I want each and every patient to feel completely safe and cared for at all times. Patients’ trust is crucial to me.”

Although he has mastered plastic and cosmetic surgery across the board, Professor Levan has gained worldwide fame for his long-standing expertise and innovations in the field of butt augmentation. He is a true pioneer of remodelling. Not satisfied with the butt implants at the time, Levan developed a particularly successful butt implant as of 2011, the “Biconvex gluteal implant”, together with Sebbin laboratories. These exceptionally high-quality silicone gel-filled implants are much more flexible and easier to insert into the body than other products on the market. On top of that and very important: they feel soft and natural and stay in place perfectly. With his fantastic surgical techniques and decades of experience, Professor Levan can achieve particularly good results with this implant. Our patients are very satisfied indeed: their reviews speak volumes! Essential Aesthetics is therefore extremely proud that this world-class plastic surgeon has chosen our clinic to work with. With this collaboration, we aim to raise the level of butt augmentation with implants in the Netherlands to the highest level.